A short documentary Credits Ghina Abboud Director/ Producer Garo Bekarian Editor Pol Seif Director of Photography


Position on the shoot: D.O.P and mise-en-scène Shot on Fuji 500T ARRI SRII S16mm Standard zeiss lenses 85C Filter on camera Natural light switching from day to night done live with the windows steel blue on the windows No color correction in postproduction


Position on the shoot : D.O.P and mise-en-scène Fuji Eterna 500T ARRI SRII S16mm Zeiss prime lenses shot with Available natural light Telecine HD-10bit-Log-4444 Digital Color Correction PS: Original sound was played back on the set and actors were Lip Synching


Position on the Shoot: D.O.P Filmed with 4 different Cameras, with all the differences in the technical aspect between each camera . – Panasonic AF-101 with Zeiss MKII series, CinelikeV and REC709, AVCHD – SONY PMW350, Fujinon Zoom lens, HG4, XDCAM – Canon XLH1, Original integrated lens, REC 709,HDV – Canon HX A1, Original integrated…